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Where's Mendoza? Where's Wizebro? Where's Snakedog?
n.e.way... Kelly "{PHOENIX CRIES SOUL}" STILL NUMBA 1 
10 years now? maybe 20, forever, we move slow, innit, u worldwide produca too quick to com rinse a london jungle pon a german d n b, too efficient for me, you get a taste of a grimy dubsteppa nex thing skrillex claim it on a tooo bleepy fa me nah so we giv dem diplo link with itch london house dj nah switch innit, so maja laza got a roots london flava kill a skrillex qwik dj tip, oy, buT then diplo dump switch and claim that sound fi da usa, nah, i dont no wat to, say i aint sayin nuffin, im bluffin, oy, dont worry, we aint in a hurry OH PIRATES YES THEY RUB I, NYAM MY CHORDS AND MY LYRIX, bon all pirate vampyr wid a stake thru the heart and a crucifx

kelly no1 for 10 years IN MYBOOK landan rite about now but sonny green comin hard on the seen...